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We pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor and resource, not a painful line item.

Fredenberg Beams Phoenix Law Firm

At Fredenberg Beams, we recognize that hiring a lawyer can be a scary process. We’ve seemingly all heard or experienced horror stories involving paying too much, getting too little, and otherwise simply not realizing the value of your legal spend.

Our clients routinely tell us that our approach is different than their prior experiences with attorneys. Why? Simple: our focus is your bottom line. And we don’t just say it on our website. We come to you. We tell you how to evaluate your professionals (we’ve even spoken on the topic at a meeting of industry executives). We do not rile our clients up emotionally – which does nothing more than enlarge your legal bills while getting no closer to the goal line. Rather, we consistently focus on sound judgment, efficient resolution, and smart business. We counsel our clients to cut to the heart of their business needs, whether in front-end documentation, regulatory counseling, or back-end litigation. This is because in the end, your use of a law firm – like any other vendor – should ultimately add to your bottom line, or the investment is not worth making.

So how are we different? Also simple. Our team is made up of individuals that recognize and embrace the differences in their respective strengths, yet are easily able to put pride aside in favor of what is best for the client. We can do this because, unlike most law firms, our business model is designed with this in mind. Whether you’re in the board room or the courtroom, in intense negotiation or resolving internal conflict, you can rest assured that the Fredenberg Beams lawyer beside you excels at what he or she is there to do: resolve the issue so that you can focus on business.

Again, our truism is this: we care more about our clients’ bottom line than our own.

Areas Of Practice

We are business attorneys. In serving this role, we routinely handle matters in the following areas:

Outside General Counsel Services

We represent a number of small businesses, including community banks, in the context of an “outside general counsel.” This means advising on such issues as corporate governance, compliance, dispute resolution strategy and management, internal conflict resolution, employment agreements/severance agreements, buy/sell agreements and real estate transactions.

Regulatory Compliance

We are routinely asked to advise our clients on regulatory compliance issues, with the bulk of our experience in the health care and lending industries.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are often asked to serve as third party neutrals by other attorneys involved in a wide range of litigation areas. In the last few years alone, we have arbitrated, mediated or acted as a discovery master in cases involving collections, business disputes, intellectual property (including patent infringement), employment, banking, fraud, corporate theft, and trade secret misappropriation.

Business Litigation

Over more than three combined decades of experience representing businesses, we have handled numerous business disputes involving a wide range of areas, including:

  • Title Insurance and Escrow
  • Real Estate
  • Fraud
  • Health Care
  • Non-Compete/Unfair Competition
  • Copyrights/Trademarks
  • Franchise Law
  • Banking
  • Foreclosures
  • Collections
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Insurance
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Professional Liability

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